Inverters/UPS are not coming under fit and forget category. Like any other home appliances, maintenance of UPS/INVERTERS and associated BATTERIES are paramount to get optimum benefit. Preventive maintenance is very much important in terms of safety also.

Why Service Is Important?

To Avoid Breakdown:

Your Precious UPS System has different electronic parts and battery connected with it. A fatal error can cause malfunction during power failure.
We will take care of sudden break down in prior maintenance, by the presence of expert technical support from us….

To Enhance The Life Of Systems Equipments:

Regular maintenance of your UPS ensures your system is performing optimally and can extend the life of your entire backup system, system equipment
and battery. We Will Protect your UPS System with preventive maintenance visits by certified factory technicians….

To Avoid Accidents:

Regularly maintaining the system can avoid malfunction during the working process of system such as UPS hang, UPS not function, UPS not charging
battery, Battery backup problem, and Battery dead in warranty. The system has particular life which can be damage well before if not maintained
regularly. So to avoid such accident and optimum functionality of system, maintenance is a key factor….

To Save Money:

UPS & Batteries have a calculative life as any other electronic appliances. This Life can Be Obtained Only If The System Is Maintained Properly.
Indeed With Our Expert Technical Expertise We Can Achieve This Calculative Life Of UPS System & Even Go Beyond. This Ultimately Saves
Your Money By Keeping Your UPS System Run Last Longer…

To Have Relief With Expert Service:

INDUS, established in 1996, Is a well-known & Renowned Brand. Our Expert & Experienced Team Of Service Engineers Is Always On The Move To
Provide Immediate Response To Tackle Emergency Complaints If Any. You Can Rely On One Of The Best Service & Support Network Of INDUS
& Can Enjoy A Truly Uninterrupted Power Supply.