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Solar Power Generation

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For a PV system, the solar electricity is generated using the solar cells that capture the sunlight and convert it to electrical energy. A PV system typically includes multiple solar modules, each containing solar cells that are installed and wired together. An inverter is wired to the PV system to convert the direct current into the alternating current used on the power grid. The volume of electricity produced depends on the length and intensity of sunlight falling on the system and quality of solar cells and components used within the solar modules. Now this electricity is stored in batteries to be used at the time of power cuts. Modern photovoltaic systems can be used on the buildings or stand alone systems and can endure extreme weather conditions such as rain, storms and hail. They are long lasting and represent a good investment for private homes to serve as backup power source.

  • Optimized and Low maintenance system
  • Provide stable and reliable power increases overall efficiency of electronic components.
  • Export quality modules warranted for 25 Years
  • Sturdy Mounting frame with seasonably adjustable tilt angle.
  • Save power when mains & solar both are present.
  • True MPPT charge controller to efficiently convert the power generated at module level.
  • DC cables and junction boxes designed to minimize power loss.Anxiety and depression
  • Smart electronics to effectively manage usage of solar power based on load requirements.
  • Tubular deep discharge batteries designed for longer life
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Industries
  • Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Construction Companies
  • Workshops
  • Water Pumps

Solar Module Specification

PV modules

Mono/Poly-crystalline modules

Module rating

200wp to 300 wp

System Voltage

As per requirement

PCU Specification

Inverter Model

Bi-directional true sine wave

PCU rating

1 kW to50 kW

Charge controller


Voltage / Frequency

230 V / 50 Hz (For Sigle Phase)


+ / - 2%

Peak efficiency


Operating temperature

0 to 40 °C

Battery Specification

Battery Type

Lead Acid Stationary Tubular

Battery rating


Type of charging

Constant Potential (0.2 C10 Amp)

End of Charge Voltagey

10.5V per Battery

Float Voltage

13.5V per Battery

Boost Voltage

13.8V per Battery

Designed DOD


General Site Requirements

Roof type

Flat RCC roof Shadow Free

Roof safe load bearing capacity

< 200 kg/sqm

Shadow free space

100 Sq Ft. per kWp